Whenever a vehicle is offered for resale or presented as a trade-in, disclosure of the fact that it has been damaged and repaired will have a reducing effect upon its value.

Our method of calculation has been developed over years of experience and is designed to quantify a fair and reasonable amount for this depreciation.

Awareness of this condition is continually on the increase and advised to us on a daily basis by solicitors and vehicle owners. Insurance Companies also seek advices so to avoid excessive claims.


(1) This matter is of particular concern for any motor vehicle owner whose vehicle is less than four years old. This period may be extended depending upon condition and model.
(2) It is imperative that the vehicle was in its original state prior to the damages being sustained in order for full quantum to apply.
(3) Damages have varying categories i.e. cosmetic, light, heavy, and structural, therefore different applications for each assessment will apply.

*If we have the facts prior to inspection and do not consider that a claim for depreciation would be worthwhile, then we advise accordingly without incurring any professional charges.


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